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We’re crazy about gadgets and we’re crazy about tech. We’re not ashamed to say that we love Steve Jobs and we don’t mind the queues!

This is a space where we hope you are as passionate about Tech as we are.

We know, we know, Android is better than IPhone or IPhone is better than Samsung or whatever your preference, it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Too early for the debates!

One thing we know for sure is that today, we live our lives through tech. Tech now touches every single aspect of your life.

In many ways, your life is assisted by a number of the players below. This is true even if you don’t realise it


Many people don’t realise that AI already runs their lives. From the algorithms that power your favourite social media sites to the algorithms that control your online bank transactions.Elon Musk (tech genius, richest man in the world (at the time of writing) and all round Tony Stark, said that in many ways, we are already cyborgs and he’s not wrong. Today, you’ll rarely see someone below the age of 25 who can live without their mobile phone! But of course, tech is more than just a cell-phone. Tech is your airpods and your laptops without which, you’d struggle to get through your working day. Tech powers your car and marries it off to the phone so that you can call in sick and spend all day watching rom coms (don’t deny it, we know you’re out there!).


The way we consume knowledge now, is through the tech given own

Get your fix of tech trivia, news & exciting developments here.  Read our fascinating articles and learn new things about the companies you love, from TikTok (favour of the month at the time of posting), to Meta who give us Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp&Oculus., to Apple & Alphabet, who pioneered search in the form of Google and who own YouTube.  Huge Asian & Chinese companies have given us WeChat & Baidu. Companies like TenCent & Jack Ma’s Alibaba have proven themselves every bit as powerful as the original Silicon Valley innovators.

Go ahead and read the articles. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of tech, innovation and the colourful characters behind the incredible companies.

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