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Flexispot BS8 Flexi-Chair Ergonomic Office Chair – Review

A good office chair is a vital staple for a good and comfortable work-from-home setup. it is also something that most people will scrimp on when they are setting up their home office, I should know as I was one of them! I was making do with a £50 chair that I bought from an unknown store online. It served its purpose but it was tiring to be sat in all day long and I found that after only a few years it started to fall apart on me. I found that during the day the hinge that controlled the recline would all of sudden give way. It was beginning to happen with more and more frequency and it was less than ideal Especially when I was on a call to a customer as it would do so with no warning and very suddenly. as you can probably imagine not the best thing to be happening when you are speaking to someone and trying to have a professional conversation!!

Flexispot BS8 Flexi Chair Ergonomic Office Chair   Review

My old chair

So the hunt for a new chair began and I was determined that I would get something more suited to what my needs were. I had previously explored Flexispot’s standing desks in the form of the E1L L-Shaped Standing Desk and I was very impressed with it. I was aware in the back of my mind that they also offered chairs and as chance would have they had recently reached out to me regarding some newly released products. So a few days later a massive box arrived at my house with a BS8 chair inside. I was going away on holiday later that day so it ad to wait until I got back for the unpacking.

Flexispot BS8 Flexi Chair Ergonomic Office Chair   Review

So roll on a week and as soon as I got back I was straight into the box like a kid at Christmas to see what I got! After about 15 minutes of assembly, I was greeted with a very pleasing to-the-eye Grey chair, that I was looking forward to using on my first day back at work. Now two weeks have passed and I can honestly say that they have been a very comfortable few weeks. i have been predominantly at home for the whole time and have been doing 8 to 9 hours a day in the chair. I have been comfortable and I have had no back pain at all.

Let’s go into the features of the chair a little bit further. As you would expect the chair has all the normal features that would be associated with an office chair.

Flexispot BS8 Flexi Chair Ergonomic Office Chair   Review

Staring from the base you have a six-armed base with smooth rolling wheels. This then goes into the support pole which has a very smooth motion in the rise and lowering motion. it slides into the base plate very easily and is a toolless fit which made for an easy fit. This plate then screws into the seat base with four sturdy screws to give a secure, strong fit. The seat base then acts as a mounting point for the backrest and the arms which are very simple to screw into the seat base with three screws for each armrest and three longer ones for the backrest which is reassuring in terms of durability. These are also adjustable in terms of height but have no lateral movement at all, which is not a problem for me as they are very rarely used when I am at my desk anyway.

Flexispot BS8 Flexi Chair Ergonomic Office Chair   Review

Also to be found on the seat base is the lever to allow for height adjustment which has an ergonomically shaped panel on it. Lift it to allow the seat to go higher and push it down to lower the seat simple and easy and the movement feels smooth.

Flexispot BS8 Flexi Chair Ergonomic Office Chair   Review

In front of the post mount is the tension screw for the back recline. I did not see if this had any indication as to which way tightens this tension spring so I went with the old “righty tighty lefty loosey” school of thought and this seemed to work. The back will stay vertical until you lean back in the chair which ensures that you keep good posture whilst you work. If you wish to recline then you have to make a conscious effort to do so which is a good thing as it encourages you to be in the correct position when working and recline when you are relaxing.

Flexispot BS8 Flexi Chair Ergonomic Office Chair   Review

The back rest is an interesting design in that has inbuilt lumbar support which is in this case not adjustable but very comfortable and gives a good level of support to your lower back without overextending that area. From the lumbar support, we then move further up the back rest and this is curved to line up with the natural shape of your spine.

Flexispot BS8 Flexi Chair Ergonomic Office Chair   Review

The back panel is also a mesh fabric, which makes it breathable which is essential in the heat that we are currently in the UK at the moment especially as I don’t have the luxury of air conditioning at home. Above this, we have the built-in headrest which is great for those of us that are a little bit taller as it gives your head a nice spot in case you need that extra support. I find that like a car seat headrest I don’t really use it very much, but I am glad it is there if it takes my fancy to lean my head back.

Flexispot BS8 Flexi Chair Ergonomic Office Chair   Review

The other thing of note about the backrest is that the whole section can be adjusted to a comfortable height by simply sliding the section up and it has a built-in ratchet track to hold it in place.

Flexispot BS8 Flexi Chair Ergonomic Office Chair   Review

The last thing I wish to mention is the section you actually sit on. It is a fabric seat which has a significant firmness, whilst retaining a sufficient level of comfort. I have never had any pain when sitting in the chair and don’t get any numbness from sitting in place for long time frames. I am of course referring to the numb bum syndrome and this is a real thing that those who are office bound will be more than familiar with. I did find that this happened on my old chair and resulted in me adopting a lotus-esque position which became even more alarming when the recline mechanism would fail!

So overall I would say that yes I am very very pleased with the BS8 Flexi-Chair Ergonomic Office Chair and I would be more than happy to recommend it to you if you are looking for a good quality office chair that won’t break the bank. You can get one from Flexipsot right now for £299.

If you are looking to get a bit of a bargain then I would advise that you keep an eye on this link, As you will be able to get a discount of up to 27% if you buy between the 7th of September and the 9th, as these are the date’s during which Flexipsot are celebrating their 6th Anniversary. If you want to check out the offerings and also potentially win some prizes then head over now for more info. Your back and the rest of your body will thank you!!

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